My other hobby.

Took the General Class ham radio exam on Saturday down in Rock Hill, SC. at the YCARS ham radio club. Completely packed house. Must have been 30-40 people taking tests. They actually had to have some people wait for tests to become available. I wasn’t real confident as I was only pulling low to mid 80’s on my practice tests. I’d pass 5 tests and then get “that” test where I’d fail it by one or two questions. Never passed a practice test with less than 5-6 questions wrong. Anyway, day started off wrong. I was filling out the form and got over-zealous. I marked that I passed the General Class exam by accident on the bottom half. Thought I was marking what test I was taking. Told the proctors I’d re-do the paperwork, but they just said to take the test and if there were problems, I could re-do the paperwork afterwords. Anyway, got started and 10 questions into the exam, I knew I had “that” exam. By question 25, I was telling myself that I couldn’t miss anymore or it was a “FAIL”. Three more questions that I swear I can’t ever remember seeing through my studying or practice tests and I was sunk. Turned the test in and had to wait about 40 minutes for it to be graded. When they called my name, I almost grabbed a new form to fill it out because I was so sure I failed it. Got up to the person who called my name and he said “Congratulation, you passed. Do you want to take the Extra class exam?” I think I had a blank look on my face for a few seconds before I just said “No thanks, I didn’t think I passed this one.” Finally got up the nerve to ask how many I missed. He pulled out my sheet and said “Two”. Got out to my car, thanked God for his help and made my way home.

Now it’s time to start studying for Extra class. Next exam is in February. Not sure that’s enough time, but who knows.

Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight!


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