IDPA Match at Central Carolinas Shooting Club 12/8/12

Had a good time at the monthly CCSC IDPA match on Saturday. Didn’t do terribly. I had one miss on the first stage (I was the first shooter) on a single turn drop turner. My friend told me that I had the first shot off in plenty of time, but I kinda froze on my second shot. I guess I just didn’t trust it and it cost me the miss. For the rest of the match, no procedurals, no safety violations, no hits on a non-threat and my accuracy was not too bad. I don’t think I did as well as I did at Mecklenburg Wildlife two weeks ago, but I think I shot way out of my normal capabilities there. I guess we’ll see when the scores come in. (Edit:Scores in, I came in 4th out of SSP Marksman class out of 7 shooters and tied for 13th most accurate out of 44 shooters).

I did have another first this match. My first prone stage. I’ve never had to shoot from the prone position and was a bit worried about getting into position and above all, safety, but it seems like it went ok. My shots were a bit lower than normal. Not sure if that is a function of being prone, or just the novelty of it. Guess I’ll figure it out as I do it more often.

Really enjoyed shooting with some good folks who I haven’t shot with since the summer, so that was nice. It’s always good to catch up with folks to see how they’ve been doing and I learned about Glock Shooting Sports Foundation shoots. I don’t have a Glock (I used to have a G19), but in the future, it may be something I look into.

Well, that’s it for me, remember, shoot safe, shoot straight!


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