New video segments I’ve been watching

As I was browsing through the interwebz, I found a new “shooting show”. Well, it’s an internet show called Trigger Time TV. It’s hosted by the owner of Cross Breed Holsters (Highly recommend the Supertuck), Mark Craighead. He also has a bunch of other talent including Rob Pincus, Jim Gilliland, Brannon LeBouef, Jabo Long, and Jason Redding.

The goal of the show is to:

  • Showcase a variety of shooting personalities
  • Entertain audiences with dynamic techniques
  • Provide real world safety & training practices
  • Educate a gun loving population on proper handling
  • Introduce new shooters to a plethora of equipment
  • Offer advanced tips for high level marksmen

The show is basically broken down into four segments. Each segment so far has dealt with the following:

Segment A has been about carry options and home defense.

Segment B has been about preparatory planning and survival.

Segment C has been about holster selection and options.

Segment D has been about shooting and marksmanship.

I’ve watched all three episodes and have enjoyed them very much and do recommend them. You can find them at or over at their youtube channel at

That’s it for me. Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight!


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