Saturday at the range.

Went to Elite Training yesterday to do some shooting. As I didn’t do very well the last classifier with my M&P, I thought I’d work on my Glock 19 to see how it did. I also dragged my wife along with me. If you’ve been keeping up with my story, you know my wife did some shooting with me very early in our relationship, so she’s not a stranger to shooting, she just doesn’t do it very often.

So, yesterday, we went with my Glock and my friends Ruger Security Six .357 revolver. I had my M&P along as well. We shot between 5-10 yards for the day. Using a standard B-27 target, I shot the head while my wife shot the body. She took her time and put all 50 .38 special rounds onto target, with the bulk being in the 8-X rings. Pretty awesome shooting for someone who hasn’t picked up a gun since this time last year. I also had her shoot my M&P with the smallest grip adapter installed and the Glock 19 (third gen). The revolver didn’t bother her shooting in single action, but the double action pull was tough for me to try, so I didn’t even have her try it. The pistols though both her the web of her hand and her thumb. Seems they’re just too wide for her. It’s tough finding a pistol that fits her as she’s only 4’11” and has small hands. I’d like to find a 9mm for her to shoot that fits well enough as .38 special ammo is not the cheapest stuff around.

As to my shooting, I put roughly 75 out of 80 rounds into the head of the target with semi-rapid shooting. I may have broken the rules a bit by shooting more than 1 round per second, but at most I did 3 rounds every 2 seconds. So, I guess I’ll try the Glock at my next classifier. I may go and shoot another 100 rounds today just to get some more trigger time behind it.

Well, that is it for me. Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight!