2011 IDPA World Championship scores

Follow the link here:  http://www.idpa.com/matchresults/2011_Champ/2011_Champ_Scores.pdf

I was pulling for Morgan Allen. He’s a member of the club where I shoot and a tremendous asset. Willing to help anyone and give tips.


Top 5 Manufacturers at the 2010 IDPA Nationals

Found this on the IDPA website. The list manufacturers for handguns is pretty long, so I thought I’d post the top 5 and their highest representative firearms:

1.Glock = 137 (Glock 17 = 45, Glock 34 = 68)
2. S&W = 91 (M&P9 Pro =  27, M&P9 = 23)
3. Springfield = 30 (1911 .45 = 6, 1911A1 .45 = 6)
4. STI = 29 (Trojan .45 = 4, Trojan 9mm = 4)
5. Kimber = 17 (1911 .45 = 5, 1911 9mm = 2, Super Match .45 = 2, Target II 9mm = 2)

I wonder if we’ll get a breakdown of the World Championship firearms. I can’t find the link to the breakdown again, but if anyone want’s it, I can send the spreadsheet.

That’s it for me. Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight!

Found a good site which explains scoring.

Check out the following site for a good explanation of scoring in IDPA. I also figured out what went wrong with what I scored and what the official score was. Both of us made a mistake. Doesn’t really matter to me though. It didn’t cost me anything in the way of place or prizes as it was just a club match, but it did show me that I need to pay better attention to the written times.

Anyway, the IDPA scoring book for dummies like me can be found here.

That’s it for me again tonight. Shoot safe, shoot straight!

Scores in for my 2nd IDPA match

Ok, so I don’t know how to score things yet. According to the spreadsheet, I placed fifth out of nine unclassified shooters. I would have placed fifth out of seven “marksman” shooters and had fewer points down than all but one of the marksman class. Anyway, here’s my score:

Competitor          Total Score      Points Down      Proc.      HNT      FTN      Division      Class
John McDermott    171.17                   34               0             0           1            SSP          UN

Today, I worked on my draw for about an hour. I downloaded a shot timer to my android phone and used it to time my “shots” doing dry-fire. Best good first shot was about 1.76 seconds. That was a shot that I drew, got a good grip with both hands, locked wrists, and target acquisition before I fired. Averages were around 2 seconds. I’m going to try to do at least 100 dry fire draws everyday to work on muscle memory.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Hope everyone is having a great day. Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight!