2011 Alabama State IDPA Championships

This match was held April 16th at the Central Alabama Gun Club. Looks like I’m having issues finding videos of multiple shooters and stages, so you’ll have to watch the videos that individual shooters made. This video was pretty good with each stage shown from behind and from a hat cam. Enjoy!

Remember. Shoot safe, shoot straight.


Some IDPA state and regional championships

Thought I’d throw together some posts showing 2011 state and regional championship videos. I wasn’t in any of these, but there are some excellent shooters and some great stages. Enjoy! First up is the 2011 Florida State Championships held on March 11th to the 13th. Looks like some great stages.

And here is a link to the stage design documents: 2011 Florida State IDPA Championships.

Remember. Shoot safe, shoot straight.

Saturday at the range.

Good and bad. Ran another 150 rounds down range again. Same as all the other times. Sent 50 rounds of .22 at  10 yards into the head of a B27 target. Decent groupings, but still left. In this photo, you can also see my first 20 rounds of 9mm. Still running left doing the 1 shot per second with only one round almost out of the 9 ring.

I then put another 60 rounds down the range doing the same 1 second per shot. I’m still left and got worse the  more I shot. I’m having difficulty finding a good grip that is high, but not riding the slide release. I’m having issues with the slide not locking back after the last round, so I worked multiple grips trying to find one that doesn’t ride the release. Nothing good came from those types of grips. May wind up talking to some of the folks at CCSC to see if they can help out. Worst comes to worst, I can always pay to have someone help me with the grip and the left shooting issues.

In any event, I shot the last 20 rounds as strong and weak hand only from 7 yards at the head of the target. Not too bad. Once again was left, but had a good grouping of 17 shots with 3 still in the head.

All in all, not terribly happy with the session today, but did end up relatively happy with the weak/strong hand shooting.

Well, that’s it for this week. Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight.

Weekend practice at the range

Put another 150 rounds down range. Warmed up with 50 .22 rounds to the head of a B27 target. All shots wound up in the head with them all slightly left, but getting better. Used Federal Ammo last week and this week. Last week, only had 2 failure to fires with the Federal Ammo. This week was much worse with about 10 or so failing to fire. I’ll clean the gun up real well and see if it makes a difference. Each round had a good strike on the rim, so I’m not sure what happened this week.

As to shooting the M&P 9mm, I put 100 rounds of the PMC bronze down the range this week. Again, like all the previous weeks, the PMC bronze has shot perfectly. I did notice that my first 10 rounds were left at around the 9 o’clock area. Five out of the first 10 rounds were in the wide 8 and 7 rings. Gun felt a little different in my hand. Was about that time I remembered I had taken off my large back strap and put on a smaller one to try it out. Put the large back strap on and it started bringing everything back towards center. Next 90 rounds were pretty much in the X, 10, and 9 rings. Still left, but getting better. Keeping my follow-up shots at around 1 second and focusing on the front sight acquisition over the target.

All in all (other than it being extremely hot inside at the range), it was a good day. Shoulder is a little sore and tender, so I’m doing the heat and ice for 20 minutes each to get it straightened out. My co-worker seems to think I might have a bursa sack issue. She’s going to give me a set of instructions on how to work out my shoulder to get the flexibility back and hopefully reduce the soreness. Also been doing fewer shoulder exercises for the front and back of the shoulder.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight.