Wanted to add the grip chart….

Here is the pistol shot correction chart I may have alluded to earlier. My issue was shooting low and left, which would have indicated trigger slap, or tightening fingers. I kinda focused on a lighter grip and smoother trigger pull this last time out and the change was very evident with my grouping. Still a little left in my earlier post, so I’m going to work on that now the next time I’m out at the range. This chart is for a right handed shooter. For a lefty, it’s just a mirror image.

Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight.


Oww, still a little sore.

Went to the range yesterday with my youngest son to try out my shoulder . Was able to get through about 150 rounds, but felt uncomfortable doing it the whole time. Still, a bad day at the range beats a good day at work! Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm feels a bit awkward right now, but I’m guessing it’s due to lack of shooting. May try shooting at Central Carolinas Shooting Club IDPA match on July 9th depending on how my shoulder holds up and how I shoot next weekend.

Shooting at 10 yards for the bulk, I would up with the following target (many of the .22 shots to the head are mine, but the rest of the .22’s are my youngest sons shots. All 9mm shots are mine and in this picture, it shows around 80 shots of 9mm – basically the two large holes that are connected).

So, hopefully I’ll get back on the path to shooting my IDPA matches and we’ll see how it goes. And just for fun, here’s my youngest son shooting my M&P.

That’s it for today. Remember, shoot safe, shoot straight.

Slow posting…. again

Sorry about the delays in posting. Real world issues with real world implications. Not only that, I wound up injuring my strong hand shoulder for the second time in 4 months. Still trying to recover. Haven’t lifted a gun in almost 3 weeks now.

Anyway, I’m at a point right now where I don’t look like I’ll be shooting again until late June or early July. I’ll try to find some good websites, videos, and helpful tips for folks trying to get into IDPA competition.

That’s it for now. Shoot safe, shoot straight.